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odNOVA Aesthetics

by MPhil., MPharm., MSc Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medicine, Independent Prescriber, phlebotomist

Piotr Wójtowicz

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In my practise,

I adhere to three fundamental principles...

1. Patient Safety Above All 

it always comes first.

2. Natural and Quantifiable Results

achieve enhancements that are natural, yet the improvements are real and noticeable. 

3. Comfort Throughout the Procedure

your experience should be as comfortable as possible from start to finish

Transforming the perception of Aesthetics

- In a society engulfed by the pursuit of an artificial standard of beauty, there exists a practitioner who has chosen to walk against the tide - 

Dear all,

My name is Piotr Wojtowicz, I am an aesthetic pharmacist with degree in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine and 7 years of experience.

I have built my practice, odNOVA Aesthetics on the foundational belief that true beauty enhancement should be naturally understated rather than transformative. 

My portfolio if filled with advanced techniques that aim not to alter but to enhance and rejuvenate the natural contours of the face. 

With an impressive background that marries pharmaceutical knowledge with Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine, my approach is meticulous, patient-centric, and deeply respectful of the individual's natural attributes. 

Dermal fillers stand out as a cornerstone at odNOVA Aesthetics. 

But rejuvenation extends beyond just anti-wrinkle injections - it is also about skin texture and its quality. Through carefully administered dermal peels and medical-grade acids, clients experience a revival of their skin, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion that speaks volumes of underlying health. 


Other used techniques such as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), PDO and COG threads and Platelet-Rich Plasma/ Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRP/PRF) therapies supplement the lineup, each fulfilling specific role in the aesthetic orchestra.  


odNOVA (PL/ENG: to renew) 

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Clinic in Brighton



meets ART

to craft BEAUTY accreditation


odNOVA Aesthetics is accredited by SaveFace, an independent regulatory body that operates under umbrella of Professional Standards Authority (PSA) established by the Government to enhance standards and safety in health and social care.

This accreditation signifies professional excellence, ensuring that practitioner is highly qualified and maintain top-notch customer service, safety measures, reliability, and transparency.

SaveFace is dedicated to raise industry standards and protect patient safety by inspecting and monitoring practitioners against their robust set of accreditation criteria. Their aim is to ensure that patients receive safe, effective, and ethical treatment from registered practitioners.