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Anti-wrinkle injections in Brighton 
aka. botulinum toxin type-A
(Bocouture®, Botox®, Azzalure®)

Botulinum toxin type-A is a landmark in medicinal history, joining compounds like digitalis and atropine which have flipped the narrative from deadly to therapeutic.


It has had a storied past, with its origins dating back to the dangers of botulism from improperly stored food, as chronicled by the German physician Kerner in the 1800s.

World War II catalyzed further research into botulinum toxins, leading to refined purification methods and a comprehensive understanding of its neurological actions. These advancements laid the groundwork for its clinical use, with ophthalmologist Alan Scott positing its benefits for treating strabismus in the 1970s.

With time, botulinum toxin A's scope broadened to encompass an array of medical conditions, including dystonia, sialorrhea, bladder disorders, spasticity, migraine pain, leading to regulatory approval for cosmetic applications such as reducing severe frown lines. The toxins, varying by bacterial strain, define the properties of each clinical preparation, guided by stringent, pharmaceutical-grade purification and production processes. 

The intent provided on this website is strictly informative and serves to address the most frequent queries encountered concerning "Botox injections"

I want to clarify that the purpose is not to promote or persuade individuals towards choosing this treatment but to educate on its aspects as part of my commitment to transparency.

Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin 

Botulinum toxin (BoNT-A) aka Botox®, is a complex protein used in cosmetic and therapeutic treatments to induce muscle relaxation.

It operates through a sophisticated mechanism, beginning with its binding to nerve cells.

The toxin is composed of one heavy and one light chain, which function together to halt the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction. 

Botulinum toxin prevents acetylcholine-containing vesicles from blending with the post-synaptic cleft, thus impeding nerve signal transmission to the muscle. As a consequence, this inactivity leads to the relaxation or paralysis of the targeted muscles. This effect makes BoNT-A an effective solution for managing certain muscular conditions as well as reducing wrinkles, therefore offering a smoother and more youthful appearance.

The method by which BoNT works is remarkably consistent across all products that contain it, ensuring reliability in its effectiveness for both cosmetic and medical applications.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment

What exactly is Botox ?

Botox®, along with Bocouture® and Azzalure®, is a brand name for botulinum toxin (type-A) produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

This versatile substance is used in small, controlled amounts for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment
abstract representing informations about botox treatment

How long the effect last ? 

Typically, the effects last for 3-4 months before another treatment is needed to maintain results. (note: treatment should NOT be performed more frequently than every 90 days)

Visible results can be seen within 3-4 days after the injection, with maximum effectiveness reached in about 10-14 days


However, after 2-3 months, the effects start to subside as natural cell regeneration restores full strength to the previously weakened facial muscles.

Younger individuals may experience longer-lasting results of up to six months before needing maintenance injections.

Why does the duration of my Botox treatment vary compared to others?

When it comes to the longevity of botulinum toxin (aka. Botox®) treatments, there are several factors at play.

- The expertise and experience of the injector play a significant role, as a qualified aesthetic provider with a deep understanding of injection techniques and human anatomy can deliver superior results. 

- The activity level of your facial muscles also matters; those who use their facial muscles more may require more frequent treatments or higher doses, while individuals with less active facial muscles tend to enjoy longer-lasting results.

- Administering higher dosages generally leads to more pronounced and longer-lasting outcomes.

- Additionally, your lifestyle can influence how long Botox treatments last. A healthy lifestyle and proper skincare may extend the results.

- Furthermore, different brands or formulations of botulinum toxin type-A can impact the treatment's duration, making it essential to discuss this with your aesthetic provider.

- The specific area where Botox is injected on the face or body can also affect its longevity.

- Moreover, the number of past treatments plays a role; regular treatments yield better overall aesthetically pleasing effects.

It is crucial to note that individual experiences vary. 

Just because someone had excellent results from their Botox treatments does not guarantee the same outcome for everyone.

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What is the aim of botulinum toxin type-A use? 

Botulinum toxin treatment (aka. Botox®) involves injecting a neurotoxin into targeted muscles to temporarily paralyse them.

In aesthetics, the primary goal is to reduce unwanted muscle contractions therefore smoothing out wrinkles and lines for a more youthful appearance.

In medicine, botulinum toxin is highly effective in addressing conditions such as involuntary eye twitching, severe muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, chronic migraines, excessive sweating, and spasticity related to cerebral palsy or stroke. 


As you know, botulinum toxin is blocking the release of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which signals muscles to contract. This temporary paralysis gives the muscles a chance to rest and relax, resulting in reduced movement and improved appearance. 

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What exactly happens when you use toxin regularly ? 

Regular use of botulinum can have several effects on muscle contractions, which include improving the appearance and texture of your skin.

Additionally, if administered before wrinkles become deeply set, regular treatments can help prevent them from forming in the first place.

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How do I prepare for botulinum toxin treatment ?

Physical Preparedness:

Ensure your body is adequately hydrated before the treatment.

In the days (ideally 72 to 96 hours) before your appointment, it's advised to avoid alcohol containing beverages. Its propensity to act as blood thinner can heighten the likelihood of bruising post-injection.

Mental and Emotional Readiness:

The journey towards aesthetic enhancement isn't one to be taken lightly. Secure a spot to consult with your cosmetic provider, affording you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with potential risks, side effects, and both pre- and post-treatment advice.

Be honest:

Delve into any health concerns or previous experiences with botulinum toxin that could influence the upcoming session.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment

Post-treatment care:

After your visit, you will get detailed information to your email, but here's a snapshot of the key post-treatment recommendations:

- Schedule Follow-up Consultation - To monitor your progress and ensure no adverse effects have transpired, it's critical to see your aesthetic specialist for follow-ups

- Mind the Treated Area: It’s imperative not to apply significant pressure to the injection sites.

- Be Mindful of Physical Activity: Intense physical exertion should be postponed for 24 hours post-treatment

- Keeping your heart rate at normal levels is advised immediately following your procedure.

- Take it Easy: Rest is your best friend post-treatment

- Forego the application of make-up for the day's duration.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment
abstract representing informations about botox treatment

What should I expect during anti wrinkle treatment session ? 

Initial Evaluation and Photographic Records

Upon your visit, I will conduct a meticulous evaluation of the areas you desire to enhance. Leveraging my experience, I will also recommend areas for treatment that promise the most benefit for you. 

As part of unwavering adherence to legal requirements, I will capture photographic documentation of your face - a standard procedure to gauge progress and maintain transparency.

Pre-Treatment Questionnaire and Education

Prior to your appointment, I extend an invitation to complete a series of important health questionnaires accessed through secure Patient Portal.

This is not merely a formality, it's a significant step to assess your eligibility for botulinum toxin therapy. 

Additionally, it provides you with the opportunity to thoroughly review "Patient CONSENT" details at your leisure, enabling you to formulate any queries you might have before scheduled treatment. 

Comprehensive Discussion of Side Effects

My commitment to patient care includes an in-depth conversation about potential side effects. This discussion encompasses a balanced view, covering both common and rarer unwanted effects. Rest assured, I will guide this dialogue.

Medical Clearance Prior to Treatment

Your welfare stands at the forefront of my practice. Therefore procedure will be performed ONLY if there is no medical contraindication at the time of your session.

Realistic Goals and Individual Enhancement

I pride ourselves on my credibility, outlining improvements that are realistically attainable. It's my aim to foster trust through honest, clear communication about what can be achieved.

The Treatment Experience

During treatment, I will use ultra-fine needles to deliver targeted injections of botulinum toxin into specific muscles. This process is swift and carried out with utmost precision, designed to be virtually pain-free - further enhanced by usage of topical numbing agents to maximise your comfort.

Post-Treatment Ease and Follow-Up

At odNOVA, conducting thorough reviews is an integral aspect of my standard practice. You are cordially invited to participate in such meetings, which serve as an opportunity to evaluate and deliberate on the results achieved.

Such collaboration is crucial in refining approach to your ongoing treatments, ensuring we are perfectly aligned in our pursuit of your desired outcomes.

Your satisfaction and the efficacy of the treatment plan are paramount, and this dialogue will be a key factor in tailoring this service to your specific needs.

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Certain exclusions can affect patient eligibility for the treatment.


Certain health conditions also serve as red flags. For instance, individuals diagnosed with muscle-specific diseases such as myasthenia gravis. Disorders impacting the neuromuscular junction such as Lambert-Eaton syndrome should steer clear of this treatment. 

The risks are significantly higher due to the potential interactions between these medical conditions and the toxin.

Moreover, botulinum toxin therapy is not recommended for women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, as the safety for the child is paramount and the effects on the developing fetus or infant have not been fully studied. 

Indyviduals who are taking medications that affect blood clotting or have bleeding disorders may experience increased risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site.

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Cooling-off period

This policy is in place to allow patients the necessary time to consider all aspects of their potential treatment without feeling rushed or pressured.

As such, immediate treatment on the day of the first consultation is not provided. This ensures that when a decision is made, it is done so with clarity and certainty, reflecting my commitment to patient welfare and informed consent.

I encourage my clients and patients to use this time to reflect on their consultation and any proposed procedures.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment
abstract representing informations about botox treatment

What areas can I improve with Botox?

Cosmetic Enhancements

Botulinum toxin effectively smooths wrinkles and fine lines resulting from years of expressive movement and muscle contraction.

Forehead creases: Softening horizontal lines for a serene expression.

- Crow’s feet: diminishing the telltale signs of age around the eyes.​

Frown lines: erasing frown lines to restore a more youthful visage.

Bunny lines: easing creases along the nasal bridge

Perioral lines: refining the area encompassing the lips, often referred to as 'smoker's lines'. 

Brow positioning: elevating drooping eyebrows to enhance facial symmetry (results may vary)

- Enhancing smiles: affected by excessive gum display

- Elevating nasal tip: for refined profile aesthetics

- Downturned corners of the mouth: may be addressed

- Nasal flaring: reduction, which may result in slimmer looking nose 

- Chin dimpling: reduction, for more rested look

- Pre-tarsal fullness under the eyes can be addressed to "open" your eye apareture 

Botulin toxin not only excels at treating dynamic wrinkles - those formed during muscle contractions like frowning or smiling - but also aids in softening static wrinkles that persist when your face is at rest.

Therapeutic Applications​

  • Excessive sweating: Providing relief for individuals challenged by excessive sweating

  • Jaw tension and spasms: Addressing muscular irregularities for improved comfort and functionality. 

  • Jawline contouring: Sculpting the lower facial silhouette through masseter muscle reduction

  • Lip symmetry: Correcting imbalances for a harmonious presentation

  • Neck aesthetics: Easing vertical platysma bands and horizontal neck lines

What is the recovery like ?

Recovery after treatment is typically seamless, with minimal disruption to your daily activities. 

Clients may notice slight redness or minimal swelling at the injection sites, which generally subsides shortly after the procedure. 

abstract representing informations about botox treatment
abstract representing informations about botox treatment

Is use of botulinum toxin safe? 

Botulinum toxin injections are synonymous with efficacy underpinned by years of rigorous clinical trials and robust research.

Botulinum toxin type-A commonly known as Botox®, has garnered the approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its effectiveness in smoothing wrinkles among adults aged 18 to 65. Targeted areas for intervention include the forehead and crow's feet, among others.

In the hands of skilled practitioners, Botox extends beyond its conventional use, applied judiciously in an "off-label" capacity to cosmetically enhance other facial regions.

Such decisions are made post a detailed consultation, ensuring that client welfare is paramount, and outcomes are aligned with individual aesthetic goals.

Most common side-effects

Botulinum toxin treatments are broadly recognised for their efficacy and safety profile. However, like all medical procedures, they may present some side effects.


The most typical ones include pain at injection site, temporary bruising at the injection site, mild swelling, or redness. 

Some individuals may also experience a slight headache post-treatment. 


These symptoms are usually short-lived and resolve without the need for further medical intervention.

abstract representing informations about botox treatment
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